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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

...i see...

Everyone wants to conspire to make me into a penguin for halloween. This is a lovely thought. Go for it. I will wear your penguin costumes assuming I like them.

Today is October 19th. The clock is ticking and my apps are still not started, of course, because none of my essays will ever be good enough until halloween night at 2 am when my mom decides to give up and use what I have. This is why I will work all this weekend and all next weekend and still not be done.

I also need to study Japanese for the SAT II because my Japanese is absolutely abysmal. I think that instead of starting my math homework therefore, I will watch Tsukuyomi because it's cheerful (in a vampire sort of way) and will encourage me to study Japanese more because I understand absolutely none of it. I don't understand any Japanese whatsoever. How people can do this is beyond me. So perhaps my estimate of getting 2/3 of the listening questions on the SAT II was extraordinarily high, and even with that I didn't break 700.

Whatever, I'm gonna go eat a pretzel now.

mo posted at 4:41 PM.