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Thursday, October 20, 2005

...i am pissed off...

Today I left my bittorrent running before school so that by the time I came home I could have episode seven of tsukuyomi. But no, apparently my mom turned my computer off or something so I didn't get any downloading done, so I currently have less than half of the file downloaded. This makes me very angry, because it is one of the few things that brings me joy in my home life, that at least I can watch an episode of shojo anime every once in a while. But no, even that is far too much to ask for apparently.

Today I wore a pink butterfly in my hair. Noam says that means I'm suicidal (i.e. the suicidal butterfly)... but I don't think I'm likely ever to become suicidal, I think it's much more likely that I would be homicidal. So I think it's the suicidal butterfly's evil twin, the homicidal butterfly. Perhaps the suicidal butterfly's suicide was assisted!??!

mo posted at 7:27 PM.