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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

...maybe this post won't get deleted...

Today I felt fine and good (aside from waking up), and then I had weights, and now I feel sick. I really hate lifting heavy things. It doesn't even make my muscles tired, I just can't make them move at all. I'd much rather be non-muscular really. Muscles aren't attractive anyway.

I helped with the books to prisoners book sale this saturday. Lucy and Ro fell in love with a skater boy, but then he left. I didn't fall in love with him, but I guess they saw the appeal. Lincoln Square is such an exciting, happening place, isn't it? This weekend I am going to do my college applications, and play at the fun fair thing with the pynk pyritz, and perform a solo I haven't prepared adequately for. I am beginning to hate weekends actually. There's too much to do.

Boring post. Look forward to next year when I post exciting Japan stories. If I have time for you guys, perhaps I will be off having such an exciting life that I won't even have time to tell you about it. But whatever, everyone else will be in college, haha suckers!

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