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Saturday, October 29, 2005

...and I make so much progress on my college apps...

Yesterday in Japan club we showed sensei the excellent song that Domey and friends want to play for the WSP (clever acronym for the winter surpise party), and sensei seemed to kind of approve (i suppose) but we gained the full support of Masahiro, who knew the song from Naruto and loves it. We started singing along except for those who are out of the loop, and it was exciting seeing him be loud and enthusiastic... he is rather quiet usually. Also, I found that in Japan itself it was always good to know Japanese songs, because there's nothing more fun than bursting out into songs they NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED YOU KNEW! Stupid Americans. So anyway, the song is good. It's called Haruka Kanata. Despite the fact that I've been totally booted out of the music group part, it's a fun song and I've heard the 3 of them play... they can actually do it, and the beginning sounds genuinely like the song. Impressive eh?


I also today went to dallas to get hazuki costume supplies -- cat ears and vampire teeth. They didn't even HAVE cat ears man... the best I could do was tiger ears. However, they did have CRAB EARS... a headband with a bright orange crab on it... in case you want to be... a crab? The vampire teeth suck too. However, I didn't have the stamina to get a cape there, it was very crowded, and apparently deren needs the cape, but if anyone has an extra cape it would be appreciated! I'm just gonna end up looking like a schoolgirl with catears, which is not as good as the gothic lolita look with catears... but WHO KNEW I would need the look!

Whatever, back to college essays.

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