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Friday, November 04, 2005

...the internet is an interesting place...

So I've gotten in on this subbing group for manga and anime (er, translations) and it turns out that I'm gonna get to translate some MANGA. HOW COOL IS THAT? But the interesting thing is the whole.... community around it. I was told, when I emailed, interested, to go to this room in IRC and start talking to this dude (alias verm__) about it, and saying that my Japanese skills are mediocre at best, but if there were something pretty easy I could try my hand at it. Anyway, I guess this is the first time in recent memory I've been chatting with some person I have no information whatsoever about, he/she's just a username in irc. The internet is weird like that, I have no connection to people I am talking to all the time. This verm person could be a robot or artificial intelligence, and I wouldn't know.

I like the freedom though. I can talk to this subbing group and they might let me do this, and it doesn't matter who I am essentially, or who they are. In fact, I don't even have to be me. I like the non-ageist ness, which is really liberating, though in another year or so I'll be a legal adult, so I guess it's soon not mattering anymore. But still. Freedom man.

I told them I didn't want to translte echhi though, cuz my mom doesn't approve. I was practicing on one and my mom asked me what it's about and I said "incest" because it is... that was bad enough.

In other news I'm TERRIFIED of the SAT II tomorrow in Japanese. I hope I live to tell the tale.

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