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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


On my life. Not much happening man. I've essentially been dumped by rotary, so I think that I will just go to Konan. Gotta turn my forms in to sensei and such. MHM. Finally went to the doctor today, funfun...

My cousin has just invited me to a chatroom. This is exciting. Me, my cousin, and her friend. Okay be quiet, it's not that cool. She is 9.

I don't have the energy to update recently. Too much work is happening, and i look forward to the carefree days to come (next year). It's also a lot easier to update when you're miserable, but now that Momier is back and such there isnt' way too much misery around here. Or if there is it's homework related which eventually becomes boring to write about.

I am excited about translating this manga though. 10 pages of progress (ish) have been made. Tata guys. One day I'll think of something brilliant and bloggable.

mo posted at 5:32 PM.