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Sunday, November 13, 2005

...sunday morning...

While Julie might be sorry, I'm not. I still think they're hobags.

The rest of today though, is gonna be devoted to applying to Michigan. Yeehaw 3 essays, here I come! At least I am somewhat confident I'll get into this school, which might soften the blow of my other reach schools' rejection letters. At least I am only one standardized test away from being done with all college admissions tests, and done for a while with the collegeboard. Boy how I hate them. I somehow think that my Thanksgiving break is going to be full of wonderful Physics SAT II studying. I can't wait.

Yesterday though, I wasn't exactly thinking about this and I was instead doin the usual, fantasizing about Japan next year. I was thinking about how fun it will be to pack. No, it's definitely not lame to enjoy packing. I guess it's sort of novel for me still because I don't get out very much, but I like the idea of taking just the essentials... not in a backpacking over the rockies kind of way, but in a minimalistic way. I have so many clothes and books and papers and photos and junk that I don't want to get rid of, but that I will have no use for in the next year, so it will be nice to leave it behind. However I'm sure I'll show my mom my suitcase and she will say "What, that's not nearly enough! If you can close your suitcase, you're not done packing."

I won't have to pack for another 9 months or so, but somehow I find clothes in suitcases more interesting than writing about art, truth, science, and beauty in a 500 word essay, which is what I will go do now.

My aunt likes Colin Firth, just like me. AHhh I would say it's genetic if she weren't only a relative by marriage. But anyway yes, Colin Firth. But she hasn't seen A&E P&P (If you got that, you are a devoted Folin Cirth fan). GAAAAH. Who wants to watch Love Actually over the holidays?!??!

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