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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

...stand up for what you believe in...

Our school is so fucked up. People are being threatened with expulsion (some actually expelled) right and left, and pretty soon there will be no students left.

HOWEVER, that is not the topic today. The topic is the INSANE freshman required field trip to allerton in April that Isaac Chambers has proposed singlehandely to the staff, and furthermore then GLORIFIED in the Gargoyle because of it.

Why do I care, you ask. Well first off, I hear about this shit because my brother is in the class, so he's coming home complaining about it. Second, a large portion of the Gargoyle issue was devoted to this topic, and made it sound really great. Well there are at least a FEW reasons why this plan completely sucks.

1) A large group of students dont' even want to go on a fucking cabin-in-the-wilderness outing with 59 of their closest enemies in order to be one with nature in extremely crappy living conditions.

2) Nobody asked the 59 students besides Isaac that he's forcing into this. No one asked their parents. No one asked anyone if it they wanted it to happen. It was assumed that this would be an excellent thing to do because everyone is normal and has the same concept of what a "good experience" is because we're all supposed to be fucking conformists. Who said the 1950s are over?

3) No one asked student council, i.e. the class representatives that were elected by the students whether the class was in favor of it, etc etc. Way to bypass the system of democracy, which clearly exists neither in this country nor in the microcosm of our high school.

4) After it's published in the newspaper, approved by the principal, and unchangable, he sends out an email. Here's the second half:

Tell me which of these activities you would like the most and least, or
other possible activities you would like to add.

Just a final note, I hope this is a great experience for everybody. I've
heard some negative comments about the allerton trip, but I
think it will be a lot better if we all have a positive attitude
about it. I am open to all of your opinions and suggestions so we can
make it as much fun as possible for everyone. And keep in mind, that this
is at the very least better than a regular day of school, and hopefully
much better than just a regular school day. You get to be outside doing
fun activities during the day instead of boring work and impossible
multiple choice history tests (for those who have
Vaughn) in a classroom. And did I mention that there is no homework? --
The evening time will be occupied doing tons of fun activities.

Right. So if you don't have something nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. How cliche. Also, I especially like the part where he asks for input from the other students, despite the fact that they were NEVER ASKED IF THEY EVEN WANTED TO GO. How nice of him to consider their opinions!

Also, what about the assumption that everyone would rather spend 3 days in a cabin hiking around than in school doing homework. Whatever happened to the idea that you're actually supposed to learn things in school, or that school could actually be, god forbid, interesting. Yeah, it may be repetitive to be at school all the time, but at a supposedly nerdy school, this is a really anti-intellectual attitude. Jesus.

5) it's required. No, not optional, required. And it costs money. Since when does Uni have money to be wasting on this kind of crap? They don't, so they will demand it from the parents, who are forced into paying because this is required for school and their kids will be academically punished if they don't attend.


Many of the freshman think this is a god awful lousy idea. These freshman (including my bro) are writing a petition to show that a large part of the class is against it. This group includes my brother's crew, which is admittedly, not the most popular or influential clique (though clearly the most awesome). It also includes everyone's favorite slutty girls, the BC as I've heard they're called. However much I disapprove of them, luckily the fact that they refuse to give up

A) Shopping,
B) Their high standard of living, or
C) alcohol

for three days, means that they also don't want to do this thing.

Student council is also pissed, because their power was thwarted and they were entirely bypassed. Evidently Isaac just really wants to get elected to StudCo, which explains the power grabs.


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