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Friday, November 18, 2005

...not quite so angry right now...

Following up on that... I think my brother should propose a 3 day stay-in-your-room-only-coming-out-to-eat-and-use-the-bathroom-retreat, where each person is forced to stay in his/her room and watch star wars, visit star wars forums, or read star wars novels. No opening the windows, no going outside, no using AIM or the phone, and definitely not doing anything that is unrelated to star wars in some way.

Ahh what a plan.

As for me... this weekend shall be fairly miserable, with my two nights of good sleep ruined with the 7 am call time for district orchestra tomorrow. I am sort of in the not-caring-about-it state... I don't really care how well I placed, because I've not known long enough that I've grown used to it. There are more important things. Plus, I know I couldn't have made state, so what is the use in worring about whether i'm 5th chair or 10th? Unfortunately none of the friends I have worked so hard to make over the last two years will be there, and instead just a bunch of people I know (laaame). I guess this proves I'm a senior, I sort of know all the cellists around.

Another note about the freshmen, they had to talk about class bonding, because their class has cliques and people gossip about each other. LIKE THIS IS A BAD THING??? Since when did any class in the history of time NOT have cliques and gossip? Isn't it normal, at least in our culture, to have cliques and gossip? I haven't grown up in radically different cultures, but I don't know of any that refuse to talk about each other, or deliberately include everyone in everything. Plus, those things still describe our class, and we're getting along fine. We had those ridiculous meetings sophomore year about the "conflict" between the boys and girls in our class. WTF was that about?!?! No one ever even explained what the supposed beef was. I sensed none, I don't know who did, but that was completely fabricated as well. And look, we're so well bonded now. There are still some people I never talk to, or that don't like me, or that only hang out in their own group, but who cares!??

Hmm what else... didn't mean to get on that topic. Don't even know what my original train of thought was...

Ohhh! We started composing a JohnMark rap today in PE. I was distressed because Domey was quite pissed at me for reasons involving a lot of stupid things that do not matter anymore, but I was extremely proactive and did not let it bother me to the point where I could not go on with life. Instead I helped make this rap. So far it goes approximately like this:

I'll tell you 'bout this guy
his name is johnmark
he's a really cool dude
and he's also really smart

my name is noam,
this is beno and mo
we like to go
wherever he goes

*It's Johnmark, he's here, i'm excited uhhuh*

we're in this math class
and we know he's the best
cuz he always does well
on the Jockster's math tests

differential equations
and integrals too
he alwas understands them
more than we do.

Okay I realize this is kind of creepy if you dont' understand that johnmark seems to be at least mildly amused by this. Anyway, who sees a music video coming here??? With us in a lot of bling? Hey Beno has proved she can be the Godfather, why can't she be 50???*

*I don't actually know who 50 Cent is, besides Zhe. I just know he is some rapper, and there is an apparently bad movie about him. I just needed an example of someone gangsta, and while i have no idea whether he is or not, I can't think of any other hip-hop/rap people at the moment. MAYBE BECAUSE I DON'T LISTEN TO THAT STUFF. I know it's a betrayal of my generation, but it just doesn't do much for me.

Anyway, the Johnmark rap sounds promising.

Can you tell I'm avoiding my college application? My mom wants to mail it tomorrow. This will be #3. And it will probably be the second school I get into. Yeeea. I think that we really should send each other sympathy cards when we get rejected mid-december. Except for Tom, who will get in, so we can either send him "congratulations" cards, or "Tom, we hate your guts" cards.

Then he'll reject it and go to Amherst or something.

Despite the laid back tone of this blog post, I'm really upset and depressed lately. However, this is more fun than thinking about my troubles. I guess that's supposedly what writers discover... but I'm not a writer by any stretch of the imagination. I just have a blog.

Bye guys, see all of you on monday if I live that long.

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