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Saturday, November 19, 2005

...American food...

I had to eat Pizza Hut today. I haven't done this... since a year ago, when I was also at district orchestra, and there were no other food options besides burger king. The food itself wasn't awful, and I'm not too picky about how food tastes anyway, but after eating fast food I just feel so... disgusting. Not just for anti-corporate reasons, which there are definitely some of, but literally it makes my insides feel like I'm abusing them. Plus, I was so full for the rest of the day, after eating only a one person pizza, 3 breadsticks, and drinking a coke. Those things must be so full of calories and fat, because the actual quantity of food appears rather small, until after I'm done and I feel so full.

Although I must say I do have rather fond memories of eating in that Burger King with Greg Colombo and letting him rant and spoil the ending of Kekkan Kazoku, but I don't really associate any happy feelings with the chain itself.

mo posted at 9:32 PM.