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Monday, November 21, 2005

...just a quick post...

I just lost a contact in my eye. Don't you hate when that happens? I mean, I found it again, but it decided to lodge itself in the bottom corner of my eye, near my tear duct. This isn't as bad as sometimes, when i simply can't find it at all. Anyhow, now I'm back in action.

Domier went to sleep about an hour ago (before 8:00). I shall be up for a while yet preparing my teacher rec forms for the ~10 more schools I'll apply to (I've done 3 so far). But he was up until 3:30 doing the philosophy paper, he deserves a good night of sleep.

Deciding on which colleges to apply to is so hard. I guess I should have started thinking about it before mid-September, but honestly I was not in the mood. So i'm sort of haphazardly doing these, and hopefully have enough on my list that I'll get into enough that I'm into. I don't have a school I'm in love with though, so It really makes no difference to me which of these reject me and which decide I'm good enough. It would be nice to make it into at least one Ivy though, ne?

On the Penn app (I haven't decided if I'm applying there yet) it says:

Application Instructions: Loosen and remove the center staples that secure the various portions of this application. Once you have done this, the pages will separate easily.

Wow, what faith they have in their applicants.

mo posted at 8:56 PM.