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Thursday, November 24, 2005


I hate Thanksgiving.

Getting out of school on a wednesday is a good thing I suppose though. Then I came home and did several hours of math homework. More and more and more math. A math marathon. In fact, all of 11.5, and about half of 11.6. It took me a long time because I am not only overworked, I am overworked during a "no homework" break. Mhmm. Well I guess it's my own fault for not being caught up.

So then Domier eventually came home after his magic and halo whatevers with the SS and friends and we did get to talk for a little while, which was good.

Unfortunately then today happened, during which I was supposed to go to Domier's house for a DDR party ish thing, which was supposed to happen this afternoon. But I also had to see harry potter. Right, so then since the rest of Domier's friends apparently are very early risers, they were all gone from his house by noon, wheras that's when the movie was starting, ish. Mhm. So now it's 3, everyone is gone, and the jury is still out on whether I can go to his house or not because his oh-so-lovely friends won't be there.

Honestly, they're not any better than me, but I guess we need an army of babysitters.

oh well, i guess the decision si that I can go, for a bit.

mo posted at 2:44 PM.