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Sunday, November 27, 2005

...oh studying...

Wowie, I have spent a lot of time this weekend studying. And I'm not even close to being done, how's that for awesome. I did however address all my secondary school report envelopes (yessss) but no stamps yet. I'm one short. Since I'm clearly not starting this whole college application thing until I take my final SAT II on December 3rd, that means I will have 9 college applications to do in approximately 1 month. This is a lot in comparison with the 3 I've done so far, each taking a few weeks. I guess I'll have to pick up the pace, because I WILL get these apps in, at least approximately on time.

Sensei says lots of students ask her for letters of rec. and she sends them, only to find out later they never bothered to fill out the application! How silly.

I hope this studying pays off... that way I can get into a good school and spend 4 more years doing homework! yesssss! Perhaps I will just go here after all, when all of these snotty schools don't give me any money. I guess they're just too cool for me.

dumdedum bye.


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