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Friday, December 02, 2005 tech week for me...

Although I didnt do anything StudProd related (of course, I will see it tomorrow night), I seemed to have massive amounts of homework and stuff to do this week, and did not get to sleep until very late. This I do not understand. Nor do I understand physics to an acceptable degree, despite the fact that I must take a physics SAT II tomorrow morning. This will be the end of my collegeboard testing, and I will subsequently move onto the 9 college applications to do. Ha, yea right. There's no way I will do that anytime soon.

Instead I will volunteer at b2p, go to see studprod, and then sacrifice a whole day in order to chill out, flunk the Japanese language proficiency test, and study for monday's math test.

I keep telling myself... just another month or so and this will all be over.

However, that doens't work very well and instead I lock myself up at home for an evening (and almost the entirety of thanksgiving break) trying to patch up the holes in my physics knowledge. If I had not been completely confused the entire second semester of last year... then I think this task would be much easier for me. I'm still confused (hooray for getting 3/5 problems on quizzes) but at least I don't feel so confused in relation to everyone else. There's a relativity problem somewhere here, which we do not learn until second semester, but is mildly on the sat ii.

if the students are travelling near the speed of light... learning physics... then how much physics do they learn relative to the kids on earth learning it?

Or, Zeno's paradox which we applied to physics today: if we fit infinitely many units into physics A by doing shorter and shorter units (dividing by 2) we'll have infinitely small amounts of knowledge about infinitely many physics units. Mhm. I think the gist of all this is that studying physics is at some point detrimental to my health.

Also, we got those sheets to fill out who is the best at ____ for the yearbook. It occurred to me that I'm not really the best at any of these things, but I would like to win one anyway. Personally, I think I would be happy if I were voted laziest. But no one I talk to seems to think I am lazy. This could potentially be a problem (or is it a kinetic problem... ok enough with the physics terms). But I'm pretty lazy. So I do my homework yeah... and I even am a pretty first rate fitness student by now (though somewhat slow) so I guess I'm not mentally or physically lazy. But what about emotionally lazy?!? How is one emotionally lazy anyhow... no wait I've got it... I'm SOCIALLY LAZY.

Alright all you people. Think about when the last time it is that I called any of you (discounting yourself if you're domier, because that doesn't count). Or talked to you on AIM for any reason other than trying to get homework answers out of you?! Or had a party!??! OR WENT TO A PARTY!?!??! Or made a friend???

Also, I am usually really tired cuz I'm one of those people who needs a lot of sleep, and I don't get it.

So there we go. Mo for laziest, 06!

Or anything else you want to put me as, but I'm out of ideas. I don't really think I'm the biggest pimp.

mo posted at 9:24 PM.