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Monday, December 05, 2005 boyfriend madeleine...

I visited Domier in the hospital... in winter. This is so fuyu no sonata esque. Luckily, he wasn't hit by a bus and subsequently turned into a less attractive, strangely monotone-wearing man who didn't know who he was. Domier is still Domier, just without his appendix.

And yes, he was totally fine last night when I saw him. Or, yesterday like the entire day that I spent with him, living it up at the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Which I have much to say about. If I had the energy, and if more important things like surgery hadn't taken place.

So I'm tired, not nearly tired as Mr. Kun San (i.e. Domier, as jono called him), but it's time for bed anyway.

mo posted at 10:09 PM.