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Saturday, December 10, 2005

...yoku ikiteta ne...

I did manage to survive a domierless week. It was difficult, it was terrible, I feel sick and tired, but hey, I did it. Good practice for next year, ne? Hopefully there will be less disease and hospitalization then though.

Unfortunately, I still have 1 month or so until I'm done with all -- homework, college apps, stress, etc. For now I've got to trudge through it, with winter break only serving as mild refuge from this crazed amount of work. For today, the project is to start the english project, which should be exciting. I think that perhaps we get a little carried away with the artisticness of it all and avoid actual shakespeare, but perhaps something good will come of this. Hopefully good enough to be an impressive final project. At least we have the oppurtunity for once in english class to do some project besides writing a paper. Enough with the papers already.

I have officially translated my first chapter of manga! Hooray! So it took over a month and it was an extremely trying experience, but 54 pages is a lot of Japanese (though there are a lot of pictures). I'm getting bettter. Domier is translating anime for them, or perhaps page editing, or perhaps both, so now we have been enveloped in some sort of strange IRC japanese subbing subculture (a sub-subculture!) and have made "friends" with them. The most entertaining point was when I showed up at his house, to find him chatting with the mahou crew on IRC, and he changed his nick to Domes|melisa.

Yeah. They call me by my "real" name. What weirdos.

Ok, time for rosencrantz and guildenstern. Those names are absolutely horrendous to spell.

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