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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

...the plan...

Everyone bring your preferred suicide weapons to school tomorrow! Why? The early decision/early action notification deadline!

So, as you know, (or don't), 5 out of our wonderous class of 06 applied to a certain high profile southern california school. These 5, myself, Colette, Alejandra, Tom, and Kangway to be precise, i.e. the early action Stanford support group, are waiting anxiously to find out if we really did get into that all important school. We have considered killing each other, being a "package deal", and impersonating whoever gets in, breaking off and building our own university, escalating into an empire... but this has all culminated in the final admission plan.

So the deal:

Whoever gets accepted (either a single person or multiple parties) must take remaining, rejected members of the support group out to dinner and pay for their meal, at restaurant of rejected members' choice. So something really classy and expensive.

If all of us get in (ha) split the bill.

If none of us get in... we go to a fast food place and cry as we eat a bunch of french fries.

The stakes are on! May the rejection letters commmence!

I am waiting for my free meal.

mo posted at 5:48 PM.