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Thursday, December 22, 2005

...since it's in fashion...

I, like everyone else, begin on the college journey. Of course, I've already been accepted by one safety and rejected by Stanford, and applied to a third, but I still have 8 apps to go for my total of 11.

The current project is the Northwestern app.

It seems that a zillion people are applying to this school.

So the 4 short answers, the personal essay, and the why NU essay.

I dont' know what to say for the why NU one. All of them ask this, and the answer is "well... I don't actually know, it just seems like a good idea!"

It seems that my rate of college essay completion is negligible in comparison with other bloggers in our class. While I must have dozens of essays to eventually fill in (some common app, luckily) and yet I have not even really completed an essay. How are you guys so fast at writing? And how am I so slow?

Today I had a mocha shake and noam and Domier thought I was stupid. Then I went ice skating and wore a helmet, like I do. A bike helmet. Then I chatted online for long periods of time, but it definitely doesn't lose its charm... and then I went to dance, in which I learned some crazy good dance moves.

So in other words, I have gotten like, inordinate amounts of exercise today. And had a shake. So my life is way balanced, except for the high concentration of college applications in my diet.

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