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Saturday, December 24, 2005 progress...

My progress is minimal.

If I complete an average of 1 app per day for the next week or so, I should be set. HOWEVER. I have been working on Northwestern for like, a week straight. I need magic college skillz dust.

Unfortunately, all I've done is become addicted to college confidential.

9 apps left guys, 9. okay so i've only done 3. but I AM SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE WITH NU.

So my game plan after that is to complete the other 5 that i need to ship off to their fates by the 31st (way to make January first be a sunday, God) And then do the last 3 in a fairly leisurely manner... NOT

i.e. write the history paper.

I'm so stressed out! SO MUCH TO DO!!!

However, I have discovered that IRC rooms are a good resource for college essay help. Now how is that for counterintuitive???

Ok, I am officially going insane. This morning, I turned into a whale. An unelectrocutable whale, by nature of my thick thick blubber. I sang whale songs and was dehydrated on the beach.


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