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Tuesday, December 27, 2005, I will conquer Caltech...

So far my schedule is working out -- Northwestern is done (though I might make a few changes on my WHY NU essay), Brown is done, with the exception of a little employment/OTHERWEIRDSTUFF box that I don't get, and of course cutting out and pasting (definitely the best part of the college process is making your written portions fit into the boxes provided on the paper. This is definitely why I am applying on paper and not online).

So today I do Caltech. 2 essays plus a box.

Is anyone else in our class applying? I don't have a chance, due to my lack of math/science extracurriculars, but at least they don't affirmative action girls. I think that pretty soon, I will have to hit college confidential and see what people are saying about it.


We want t-shirts.

mo posted at 3:56 PM.