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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

...i'm feeling so great...

SO actually if you couldn't guess, I'm not actually doing very well at all.

Momier is officially over, yet again. This time, it's seriously not my fault. My parents have enforced a split, and so that's what has happened. Honestly though, when even kangway is being supportive about our relationship and noam is being friendly to domier... you know things are terrible.

So aside from being ripped away from him by my beloved parents, things are doing even better. My mom absolutely hates me, and refuses to drive me anywhere anymore except school. WHAT DID I EVER DO!??? I don't get it. I'm a good kid. I even got a compliment from Jockusch today, that she didn't think Stanford should have rejected me... okay so they did, but jeez why be bitter about that. It's just a college they didnt' even want me to go to.

Wonderful wonderful as usual. The only uplifting thing in my day was when Ray told the story about how Domier's envelope was addressed to northwestern college instead of northwestern university. The rest of physics I was totally and utterly confused, but at least I understood that bit.

How many other people have this problem??? I dont get what I have done that is so offensive. Yeah yeah they can blame it on domier, but I think they have a problem with me. I don't know why or what, but apparently I've done it. No one is around to talk to, so I'm talking to you, dear blog readers. My parents would say that's because I don't have any friends, because I spent all my time with him. Very nice.

Lots of people have said "don't worry, it will work out... you guys are just like romeo and juliet now"... well thanks for the support, because their relationship just turned out wonderfully. Maybe I should write an absurdist play, instead of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead... something like, Romeo and Juliet are in High School. It would be boring. Everyone would think it's stupid. AS OPPOSED TO THIS SITUATION.

Oh my god I can't even take this anymore. Next time I'm crying in the lounge, you'll all know why. See you there. Maybe I'll have more rants in the future here, because I cannot imagine things becoming happy anytime soon. I'm doomed to misery. I'll share details of such with my most dear friends and mathbuddies. WHY???

I hope that you guys adequately understand my agony now. Maybe I should become anorexic. That would show everyone! No, I have a bunch of really yummy chocolate sitting in my room, but guess who it's from... someone REALLY TERRIBLE. Yeah, I bet you can guess.

And what about that fortune cookie I got that said, "You will be successful in love"???

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