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Saturday, January 07, 2006

...a weekend...

Things seem to be sort of quieting down a bit. However, the dreaded Domier conversation with my mother has yet to happen. As of now though, I am allowed on the senior trip, which I am completely excited about. BUT NO SKIING. Jeez. I definitely don't ski.

Finally watched 2 episodes of the OC as well, and it's nice to be going through the college process with all of them. It feels good to see Seth and Summer in their ridiculously huge mansion, writing college essays on their laptops, because that's what I spent my winter break doing. Or Marissa not being able to write one, because of the painful memories. I had different problems, which involved a lack of substance, rather than pain and suffering. However, it's still nice to see my favorite characters work on this, and the Brown viewbook on Seth's bed while they were working. It's like, ahh, good stuff, I HAVE that viewbook, in fact. And how they went to a Brown admissions meeting, much like I did. And how Summer is actually smart. And everyone says, "Well she did save Chrismakkuh"

Attempting a relaxing weekend. We'll see how that happens. FINALLY I have gotten to do what I have been dying to for the last month or two -- go back to translating my manga. It felt nice to do about 20 pages of the first runthrough. However, I discover that when I first translate, sometimes my translations are completely WRONG. This is because I don't understand the context yet, and Japanese, especially with its grammatical structure that often lacks subjects of sentences, it's very important to understand what is going on in a situation in order to translate correctly. It feels nice to finally piece parts of the story together, and understand the bigger picture, but those golden moments are not very often.

So I think I'll do that for a bit, my kanji and furigana dictionaries by my side, I'm ready to go.

And be happy that I'm not running like 10 miles or whatever Domier is running/has run. Not that I was planning on it. But seriously, I'm exhausted enough without more exercise. I am also very very sore from PE this week. I guess that is what happens when I sit at my computer and write essays for two weeks.

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