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Sunday, January 08, 2006

...I will conquer this too!...

Only one main thing stands bewtween me and academic freedom: A DOUBLE-PHYSICS QUIZ. Some of you may laugh, say "ahaha, I never study for physics, and I get 40/40 on every single quiz I have ever taken in my life!" However, I am different. I need to study, and finally understand, become one with the thermodynamics. So that's my plan.

Plus various other things, none of which are too trying.

However, now that it turns out I can go, I have become extremely excited about the Senior Trip. Water Parks and hanging out for 3 days sounds excellent. Apparently my entire condo thing is full of basketball playing girls, who won't be there on Friday night, leaving me and like maybe one or two other people. First of all, I don't understand why they are playing a game on a Friday night, don't people have better things to do? And second of all, why are they all in the same one? I have nothing against any of them, they're all fine people, but shouldn't it have been divided more evenly? Or just say, to hell with the game, I'm going to Wisconsin? I guess it must be a team thing, I couldn't possibly understand.

Who knows if there will be DVD players around? I'm looking forward to having some sort of first season OC marathon, preferably while everyone is skiing their hearts out. But in the middle of the night would be an apt time as well.

Alright, time to go do my stuff, so I can survive until Friday.

mo posted at 5:31 PM.