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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

...finish strong!!!...

"It's amazing I have any hair left" -- Beno after the physics quiz

The last night of the semester. I AM GOING TO DO THIS!!!

I just have to imagine it's a big blue furry monster that I have to kill with my awesome big blue furry monster slaying powers! I have my weapons here: my calculator, pencil, erasers, and my mind. The enemy: a calculus book, the english book, a few notebooks, a bunch of physics worksheets. My allies: the rest of the senior class, particularly the physics students.

Or we can decide that the big blue furry monster is actually cookie monster, and eat a LOT of cookies.

I seriously cannot believe we have to cook for ourselves on the senior trip. I hope no one minds getting REALLY REALLY SICK or eating food with the consistency of wet or dry cement. Maybe I should stay away from the food, or decide to embark on experiments in the chemistry of food!

Or we could go Japan-trip style, and just buy a ton of cream puffs and apple juice, and eat them all in the middle of the night!

mo posted at 7:15 PM.