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Thursday, January 26, 2006


So I've decided to try and chill out a bit, at least until this weekend (or next week), and have tried to consume my time with things I enjoy. There are several points of interest in the upcoming days.

1) My self intro for Japanese is complete (I hope)! Pretty soon the people over in Kobe will be itching to meet me, because of my interesting and witty self intro. Sensei also liked my metaphor for life regarding ramen, ice cream, and Japanese movies, and thought it was interesting from a Japanese perspective. So maybe they won't think I'm an idiot from the get-go. They will soon learn, however!

2) I am going to sing. Yes, Mo will sing! What, you HATE SINGING WITH A FIERY PASSION, you might say. And it's true, I absolutely despise singing and even worse is listening to people sing. But that will be put aside this saturday evening because I am going to be a temporary radical cheerleader. Yes, I've always wanted to be a cheerleader (NOT) but hey it could be fun, judging from our harmonious practices in the library.

3) This isn't about me, but I just have to say, to wear a really big hat, you sort of have to know what you're doing, and not get really confused like some alleged subbie and walk into walls. I know we can all be klutzy, but making a fashion statement like that... well you have to be able to pull it off you know? Like eddie izzard says, if a bloke falls while wearing heels, you just have to kill yourself.

4) Speaking of fashion, I was very very irked that the current issue of People was not in the library today. I finished the English book and wanted to reward myself for this accomplishment, but all I found was a smelly vogue magazine since I'd already read Seventeen. I guess I could look for back issues, but I am lazy.

5) I am going to be in a string quartet! The number 1 cellist in my orchestra, Jessica, is unable to do it, so I am the next pick --> SCORE! I have always wanted to do that but been too low on the cello chain to manage it. Being second best doesn't really bother me, but it's nice to be able to quartetify, if we get this thing going.

6) I'm hungry. I was going to eat a snack but then I realized I had dance, which meant eating is a bad idea. So then I went to dance, without my shoes because I forgot, and instead danced really badly in purple socks, since i have missed the past two weeks and do not know approximately half of the choreography. Then, I came back and drank water, but still haven't eaten anything due to the fact that dinner is impending. The everpresent large stash of chocolate in my room is tempting though.

7) It was extremely entertaining to chat with those military recruiters today. Even though lucy was someone from a very messed up background, and a wimp, and roveiza was a tough question-asker... it made it all the more fun. Especially when they told roveiza to leave.

8) I want to get to 10. These have also stopped being strictly about the future, but I think I just like to number things.

9) Tess and I are planning to have an OC watching party, once she buys the first season. But this party will not be together, we will sit at our separate houses alone watching the same TV show. But it will still be a party. Similarly, we used to be partners in fitness class because we were the two people who didn't want to run with a partner. So we were partnered in our antipartner way.

10) Alright I made it. I have said enough for one day. I am trying to put off my depression until sunday at the very earliest. But we will see, we will see.

mo posted at 7:39 PM.