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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Today had its good points and bad points.

Good points (I'm thinking positively):

-health = no exercise
-yummy bombay grill food
-taking the elevator down 2 floors
[note: the past 3 points can be summarized by: LAZINESS]
-my hair is oh so clean
-jamming with Beno after school in the hallway, and singing backup to her, as well as playing my one and only musical composition!
-the weather was okay
-NO EXTRACURRICULAR TODAY (because it's wednesday)
-watching "Shall We Dance" in Japanese class
-not way too much homework
-realization that I will miss most of school tomorrow, which is mostly good but a little bad

Bad points (back to my default):

-Domier got annoyed with me today, because I am an annoying person. This needs to change.
-still bummed out about same deal
-still haven't started my japanese speech, nor figured out what to write about
-was totally apathetic in pretty much all of my classes
-the blister on my thumb from like, a month ago is never plannign on leaving unless I stop doing any kind of guitar strumming or pizzicato. Not going to happen.
-this computer does not have flash and I am too lazy to switch computers to do my agora sign up
-I still know NOT VERY MUCH about computer science, and my physics, which I have not been studying, has probably escaped my brain by now.
-I have extracurriculars every day except for wednesday and friday, but I have 2 more hours of extracurricular goodness that need to be added in somewhere. WHERE? Unfortunately, I enjoy each and every one of my engagements, and therefore do not want to quit them
-the mentioning of a certain freshman's name today in Social Ad, to potentially HELP US ON OUR PROJECT! I will personally murder him before I let him anywhere near our project. And no, I am not talking about my brother. My brother is cool. BUT I hate this kid with a fiery passion. I will personally edit our entire documentary myself if necessary (though becca wants to work on that too, which is definitely way more excellent)
-I remembered that I have to be done with my psychology course by the end of this semester. I have BARELY STARTED. This is bad. Must get to work soon.
-parents yelling at each other makes for an unpleasant environment --> not inspired to practice cello, despite the fact that I want to desperately. Also, they disapprove of me in most ways imaginable!

Blah to the blah. Maybe I'll go work on beautifying my hair. It seems like the most productive thing to be done now.

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