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Thursday, February 02, 2006

...another list...

My first ever WYSE competition! Don't academic tests just rile you up? Actually, they do for me. I have a love-hate relationship with them. I like being part of a team, and being part of an academic team seems many times more appealing than being part of any other kind of team (especially sports). No offense to sport people, but last time I did a sport (7th grade), the "team spirit" was there, but it just wasn't as exciting. Maybe It's just good to take tests in things YOU DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW (eg Computer Science).

So here's my list of notable occurences today:

-a highly korean team from another local high school
-missing the physics proof in math to take a physics test
-dancing in the lounge alone with an invisible boy (or girl!)
-missing 5 out of 8 classes
-steak n shake, my first real meal there in approximately ten years (minus a shake here and there at other uni events)
-running fitness less than two hours later --> NOT GOOD
-jimmy deciding that I could totally beat up all the other wyse competitors, because i'm so fierce
-no news

goals for this evening:
-not go to dance, even though I'm not sick, I'm not feeling good either after that fast food and running
-do something for entertainment purposes
-too tired to practice cello
-study that physics
-talk to my ho about our respective academic meets
-potentially give guy advice to a fellow female?! (because i'm a seasoned expert)

Today was good. Uni swept!!! It's great competing with yourself. You always win, but you always lose. In fact I have two new 2nd place medals. This is alright, and in fact I think with those two... that's the fifth 2nd place award I've gotten in the past year. Two japaense speech contests, a math contest, and wyse later, perhaps I should embrace my spot as 2nd best. Of course, that will all change when we have REAL COMPETITION!!!

I wish this abiguity would end.

mo posted at 4:41 PM.