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Friday, February 03, 2006

...THIS is a dilemma...

I am working on chapter 2 of my manga (yes, yes I started this chapter ages ago but other things got in the way). I'm now at the point where I still don't understand about six individual sentences throughout the 40 pages of manga. This is about 6 lines out of the 400 or so that make up this chapter. And I am getting annoyed with these phrases, which are all very ambiguous.

I've come to the point where I just want to be done with this chapter! Stop being so ambiguous and get to your point, instead of confusing me! Or write the kanji neater, so that I don't have to spend over an hour looking it up, to no avail because I don't actually believe that kanji EXISTS.

Unfortunately, it would be morally unsound to just make things up to fill in the gaps that fit.

Today was a rainy february day, at least for a little while. I like rain! Rain trumps snow! Snow sucks! Other memorable rainy days:

5ks 2002 and 2003 (hooray for the thunder gods!)

junior year after japanese

raindrop catching, a major sport

a day where I played a gig back in 7th grade or so, in the middle of freaking nowhere. My cello case was completely soaked. Luckily, it's waterproof.

the day this year while walking back from PE, and I was holding my pink penguin-duck umbrella. I was walking with Beno and Noam, and a guy was walking the opposite direction from us. He had a sweatshirt over his head because of the rain, but I stupidly assumed that he could, you know, see. This was a bad assumption to make as he completely slammed into me, turning around, very confused and blind. It was quite awkward. I bet he makes holes for his eyes since that.

The best OC episode ever, in season 2!!!

the entire week that I was walking around outside last summer

at the bus stop in Totoro

So as you can see, rain has a lot of significance. I need things to keep me entertained while I wait.

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