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Monday, February 06, 2006


So last night's attempt to write a Japanese speech, took four hours... and COMPLETELY FAILED. Like honestly, I made no real progress. I did discover rulde #1 of talking in a foreign language:

When your language skills are a shoddy as mine, do NOT, I repeat do NOT try to explain how you made mistakes with the language. Batsugun story: good idea, did not work.

Tonight I make attempt number 2. Hello to Japanese ice cream. Similar problems emerge for this topic because I have to explain how I totally didn't know that I was eating sesame flavored ice cream because I didn't know the vocab word.

In other news, the song "Melissa" by Porno Graffiti, which I am listening to now, is really good. I also like to secretly pretend it's about me, which I have a right to do because in Japanese, my real name and the name Melissa are totally indistinguishable! Good memories of singing this song in Ryo's school's library with his two buddies, who apparently fought over whether Bethany or Josie was the hottest in our group! Dang, ouch on me, emily, and krista.

At least Ryo thought Emily was hott!

And finally... an elevator that I rode today smelled like oranges. Has someone been eating citrus on campus elevators???


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