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Thursday, February 09, 2006

...another day...

My brother's friend in 6th grade came out of math class once saying, "another day, another D."

Yesterday, a miracle happened, ordained by the ancient greek gods. So I had no freaking clue what to write this Japanese speech on, I was at my wit's end, and about to hurt myself/something else in frustration (okay maybe not quite), and then I decided to just listen to Tom and Anita's radio show, conveniently called Muse, and see if anything came to me... AND IT DID. Yeah, so 15 minutes into it, I came up with a brilliant idea and I have over six freaking hundred Japanese characters to back me up on that. I am still in the race, I could still get to that damn contest, which would mean that I didn't break the promise I made to myself last year of getting there again this year.

So they'll probably reject me, which would be ironic. But maybe not man.

I'm feeling this semester is on the upswing. We even have mod new chairs in the hallway (soon to be in the lounge) which are fantastically exciting. The no food in the lounge policy is slightly disturbing. You look around, and NO ONE IS EATING. It's good of course, I don't want a mouse to come and steal my sandwich or something, but maybe we should all become anorexic and continue this forever!

Right so I have clearly run out of things to say. The world may be filled with possibilities. But I have to really get crackin on this speech. Somehow I think that 0% of my grammar is correct.

mo posted at 5:44 PM.