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Tuesday, February 14, 2006 speech...

okay first off there is NO WAY it's ever gonna reach them in time, I have just done my second draft but the tape and application and everything has to be there by february 17. WTF!! I really wanted to enter... but I guess I will try anyway. Maybe if I managed to mail it on thursday it would be ok...

Also, sensei made it not shorter but LONGER. It is now three full pages, but she has all these notes that I don't understand where they are supposed to go. If I do end up memorizing this thing it's gonna be monstrous.

I wish there were contests for Japanese poetry. I want to write Japanese poetry. Does anyone know of any contests like this? I don't. But I would like to. Because it's fun to make things rhyme in Japanese, and syllables are easy (it is the land of the haiku after all)

And now it's time to start this darn english paper. I dont' want to reiterate everything we said in our presentation! But I don't want to try to make up something new, since I think we did a pretty thorough job. Hmmph.

Too cool for valentines! Yea! But sadly, just lame enough for school (i.e. not "too cool" for school... as Kenneth Price apparently is)

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