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Sunday, February 19, 2006

...pissed off...

Once again, my posts are disappearing. What is wrong with this? I Don't get it. it shows up but not anywhere in my blogger account, only on the website. If someone knows what is going on, please help.

This one seems to have saved, but we'll see if it's here tomorrow. I don't get what is going on here, but it makes me want my own domain.

Last post:


it seems that none of these posts are saving...

BUT someone exciting will be at the game tonight, and hint, it's not me (though I will be there).

Edit: It's just the last one that deleted itself. Dang. It was stupid anyway. Just about how we chose graduation music that I like, but some people have a low tolerance for screaming and yelling.

mo posted at 8:27 PM.