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Thursday, February 23, 2006 time to finish a post...

Partial post from 2 days ago:

I am so fucking proficient! Yes my friends, in Japanese, LEVEL 3. Not quite as exciting as your different levels of biohazards that you get in biowarfare novels, etc... but level 3 means that I am in fact, DECENTLY GOOD. So there are 4 levels, 4 being the easiest, and 1 being the one for people who are insane[ly good at japanese]. I really really did not think I had made it. But I guess it's time to start cramming for level 2! I only have 9 months left! Ha ha, just kidding.

On the flipside, Domey and I are teaching a Beginning Japanese Agora Days class that SOMEONE *coughAMIRAHcough* has bailed out on us in favor of teaching belly dancing. Which is a very important endeavor, agreed, and I suppose we're handling it. Anyway, the depressing thing is that TODAY, on the very first day of Beginning Japanese... I learned a new Japanese word.
[the word was rokudenashi meaning "useless person"]

Thoughts as of now:

This week has been so amazingly relaxing. In fact, probably the best school week all year as far as tension goes (duh, no classes). However, my forearms are absoultely demolished: after three days of hitting people with weapons (medieval combat), finally picking up the knitting again, and actually beginning to practice my cello, these arms have a heavy load here.

Also, the little cellist dude who is in the strings class... he's really good! If I could write my senior will again, I would give the cello section to him. Obviously it goes to Aran first, but Aran already knows what she is doing and is essentially like me, so she does not really qualify as my successor. However this kid, reminds me of me when I was a subbie. He's ridiculously tiny, though not quite as short as Jasper, but he is definitely as good as I was as a subbie (I actually think he's better). So I hope he joins Uni orchestra, and a growth spurt wouldn't be a bad idea either.

In other news, I finally finished that stupid Harry Potter scarf. I don't even like Harry Potter anymore, because of this scarf! Just kidding. I will always have a special place in my heart for Harry Potter. But once I put the finishing touches on I will be able to finally walk around in true Hermione Granger style. Yes, I relate to Hermione. Because of my dorky male friends, or my hair?? I don't know.

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