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Friday, February 24, 2006

...I want to live where soul meets body...

So as I sit here listening to Death Cab, it reminds me of:
-the OC, because Seth Cohen is dreamy and he <3's Deathcab
-Books to Prisoners, because on Ms. Linder's iPod, there is ALWAYS Deathcab playing, and more specifically the song "soul meets body" to which I always sing to myself the "bada" parts
-Jarred, my South Carolinian friend, because he often has their lyrics in his away messages
-the fact that I can't remember whether or not Spencer used to listen to them, but it seems like I should because we often talked about music. However, the fact that I cannot remember is interesting, and surprisingly pleasant to me. Not everything is trapped in this head of mine.

I finally talked to Ariana. For like two hours. It was good, we got updated on each others lives, at least to some extent. And I talked to Ho and I helped her with physics and she listened to my general ramblings. I talked to Ryo recently too. He just graduated high school, and is going to school in Tokyo soon. All these people are so far away, and yet with the power of the internet (*superhero theme music*) they can be just a click away. Will so many people I am close to continue to be far away? And to what extent is it creepy to be close to those who are far? I hope it doesn't creep her out, but I am definitely sending pictures of this scarf to Fo. Because she asked me to. It wasn't supposed to take half a year, but it did.

I'm reading the book Prep but I will talk about it once I am done with it (which will probably be tomorrow). The way I feel in relation to the main character is... slightly disconnected, but still able to exactly relate to certain things. Which is I guess how she feels about almost the whole world. I know, me, reading, it's amazing. But hey, it's a change from college confidential at least.

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