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Sunday, February 26, 2006

...adventures in 料理...

So yesterday, Sayako came over and met my parents for the first time, and they seem to be reasonably convinced that she is a perfect child, and a good person to show me the ins and outs of Kobe next year. Jono was around too, and I learned a Japanese (?) clapping game, several card games, and... that Japanese cooking is NOT very easy.

So first, we tried to make our own green tea ice cream. Sayako brought this green tea powder. My affinity for green tea made this all the more exciting, and we mashed it together with a lot of vanilla ice cream, to the disgust of my parents (though for some reason my dad was the one who insisted on stirring). Every once in a while Jono would stick a finger in (but a different one each time, for sanitation), and say "we need more green tea", so by the time we actually ate it, it was rather powdery, and not very ice cream-y. Jono's dad suggested that we should just snort the green tea powder, or mix it up and inject it, instead of bothering to cook with it.

So then, we decided to try to make dango -- BAD IDEA. One phone call to sensei later, we discovered that sensei really doesn't know very well either. And so we embarked on a journey. Halfway through, we gave up on this journey, played cards, and let our parents continue with the dango-making, despite the fact that they have not only never made dango, they have also never eaten it. An hour later, we had gooey, yet granular balls of rice, covered in really thin sauce, that actually tasted pretty good. Despite my parents claims that it tasted like glue, which I guess are partially true, I'd say we had about a 50% success rate as far as accuracy to the real food. Huzzah!

So enough of recounting my yesterday. Tomorrow life goes back to normal, and that's something I'm totally looking forward to. Ha!

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