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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

...oh i see...

Spent a long time tonight, messing around with recording myself (cello), to pretty much no avail. I am in fact human, and like many humans, not a great cello player. I will claim that I am better than most people at playing cello, but that's simply because I have studied it whatsoever. Anyhow, I am trying to figure out what to do with this rather dull recording, of Squire's Tarantella, now that I have it. All of my previous attempts at mixing music have been, to say the least, NOT VERY SUCCESSFUL.

Japanese was a little bit of a letdown though, because now all the stress of taking tests in the subject is over. The only big frontier left is... of course, spending an entire year there, but I am not too worried, because it sounds so good. Instead I just talked to Sensei in pathetically broken Japanese, and then eventually gave up and continued gossiping in English.

Whenever I wear this skirt, I think about my host cousin in Tokyo, and how she drew me as an anime character, wearing it. And about the rest of that day, when I went shopping in Harajuku for the first time (hajimete dude). After dreaming about it for several years pretty much, being there was no letdown at all. Streets crawling with multicolored heads (due to hair dye, not to diversity). Piercings, tatoos, lots of fishnets, and all in all full of totally intimidating Japanese people. This was also the only place where I managed to find mean Japanese people. And the extent of their rudeness was not allowing me to try on clothes before buying them. Still, their "dekinai, dekinai" got to me after a while, but this was my first day shopping in Tokyo, and I didn't know the magic thing about Japanese clothes, which is that they all fit me. Next time I'm there, I will have no qualms about buying things without trying them on.

Or else I could have been driven totally insane by the incessant "irasshaimase!" from every one of the thousands of stores. But harajuku was great.

Enough about Japan. I'll tell you guys more than you want to hear about it next year. Today, here, was great. Just the right amount of everything. Or just ever-so-slightly-less than the right amount.

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