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Saturday, March 04, 2006

...bitter rejection...

So I got my rejection letter from the Japanese speech contest -- after all that work! It was a good speech too, I thought (and sensei seemed to think so), so I was rather pissed. Way to reject your award winning participant from last year! Ugh! It relieves the stress of having to memorize that gargantuan thing, but honestly, they could have at least let me PARTICIPATE. I suppose I just can't make the transition from the 19th annual speech contest to the 20th!

If that wasn't bad enough, the stupid list that I submitted to McSweeney's (after Sara got me reading it) was also rejected! Ugh! Actually, it wasn't stupid, it was a good list -- I promise. It was about Japanese homonyms (but all the words were in english) so I will cling to the idea that they are simply not educated enough to appreciate my clever list. Even Johnmark liked it when I told it to him. What douchebags. Never reading THAT website again.

I am so underappreciated! I will get over it though.

mo posted at 8:14 PM.