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Monday, March 06, 2006

...let's pretend we don't exist...

I'm in the metaphorical sleeping bag.

Leo vs. Dude vs. Man: the movie "The House of Flying Daggers" hit a little too close to home.

"Hey Noam, what's your opinion on facial hair" (my words at 3:30 am)

What a great weekend in every respect.

Tonight we played at the Virginia. Afterwards, I saw someone with a Virginia license plate. After we finished playing, we hung around with the caterers who were cleaning up. The table was set up nicely to display each platter of fancy expensive food on a slightly different level, with a gigantic glass of fruit in the center, above all else. Underneath the festive tablecloth, what was differentiating the levels of food was many duct tape covered boxes, and a plastic basket (the kind that milk come in). Now we know all of their secrets.

I think I'll stay in here a while. Maybe instead, I will study physics. Or both.

mo posted at 7:44 PM.