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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I am so good at eating -- I totally kicked Sayako's butt in eating today at lunch! Yeaaaa! I'm gonna become the number 1 eater in the Kansai area next year (totally!)

Also, I am very very psyched about WYSE tomorrow. Even though I only heard like three of them, Lucy's puns were way appreciated. My goal is to do two more practice tests before tomorrow -- a lofty goal since it is already 8:30 and I will need my beauty sleep.

Mpitt however, kicks my butt at being a good friend. He sent something to Ariana, and I have sent NOTHING. Even my stupid 1/4 of the way done scarf is not going to ever get done. Ugh! Now I'm inspired to bring the CDs to Noam, but I won't see her tomorrow (see paragraph 2).

My printer is getting tired of printing. I'm sorry, this contest has tests that require many pages.

Also, here's a story for you that demonstrates a really important character trait of mine (that I'm dumb). So I was thinking that I'm gonna be chillin in Kansai for a year, picking up their accent and wearing a cute uniform... but what if I get bored?! I know, I'll start a stitch n' bitch! The only problem I foresee is that I am below drinking age and therefore might have a tough time organizing meetings at bars (which is where they normally meet in Tokyo and such). However, I emailed Pinku (and here's the part where I am stupid) and asked her about the Tokyo SnB and how it got started... completely forgetting (or never knowing?) that she was the FOUNDER. AWKWARD. She says that Kyoto and Osaka have killer yarn stores though.

Pinku did make it sound like no biggie though to start a SnB. We will see.

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