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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

...homework marathon...

I'm taking a break from the homework. It's good. These past school days have been nice, actually. Dance parties after school, definitely a plus.

Spring break is soon. I have four different TV shows that I want to watch. This may pose problems. However, apparently all of my friends (all?) are leaving, so I will be lonely and seeking to live my life vicariously through TV characters. My potential tv shows are:

1) My So-Called Life
2) Freaks and Geeks
4) Suzuka

This would total 74 episodes. Somehow, I don't think I'm gonna average 10 episodes of whatever per day. So this is where I need to prioritize.

So anyway, you guys (except domier and amirah and people I have told about it) don't know what Densha Otoko is... it's this fantastic new drama, and the title means "Train Man". Except, Domier and Amirah absolutely hate it. And I am so in love.

Think this really nerdy Akiba-kei dude (Akihabara, the electronics district in Tokyo) who is totally obsessed with anime and gundam-ish models, wears glasses, and has little anime characters hanging off his backpack. And he hopelessly loves strawberry shortcake. Well, one day he is on this train, and a beautiful office lady is being harrassed by a drunk guy. He works up all his courage and eventually tells the drunken man to stop! They get into a fight, he gets kind of hurt, but the beautiful girl thanks him. He immediately goes home, and signs onto this chatroom/forum ish thing, and tells everyone the story. Various Japanese people reading the forum give him advice and support. The best part about this is to see all the different people at their computer, from ultimately cool guys, to fat drinking dudes, to an abused wife. And, when he gets online, it's accompanied by this funny little visual of THE INTERNET, with these lines emanating from Tokyo and going to all those chatroom goers.

Anyway, the reason Domier and Amirah hate it is because the guy is actually quite pathetic, and while I feel sympathy for him, they just want him to die. Sensei claims it's because they can relate too much to it (Domier DOES have gundam models all over his room and is an anime fanatic) but what about Amirah? Is she too good at being the pretty office lady to sympathize with this dude??? TOO POISED?

Whatever, they don't have to like it. But I definitely feel like it was made for me personally. Also, I think that Snatia may like it.

Also, the first episode opened with scenes of Tokyo, to the music "Domo Arigatou, Mr. Roboto". How could this be any more perfect?

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