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Saturday, March 25, 2006

...I'm blogging this...

Last night, I finally lost it. I'm no longer a Sims virgin.

The evening began simply enough, me and Angelina knitting on the couch, trying to convince Julie to finally show up. Katie arriving, watching a chick flick, watching the early episodes of the OC, making ramen, playing several games of pool, in which despite Angelina's impressive skills, Katie's team inevitably triumphed. Sometimes with me, in our anti-fun alliance. Julie singing the Arthur theme song. Bothering Ben Tuttle by calling him on three different phones.

And finally, playing the Sims.

I find it kind of creepy actually, yet mildly entertaining (though I just watched as I knit). Angelina, Julie and I shared a house, and attempted to flirt with Seth and Ryan from the OC. Julie and Seth were getting pretty steamy, and I wasn't too terrible in my attempts to flirt with Ryan either. The scary part, I guess, was when we would do things like make them go to bed because they were low on energy, after which we eventually went to bed. Or having them wake up, make breakfast, eat, and clean up, which is what we would do. Or, most disturbingly, saying "Let's all go shopping! Let's try these clothes on!" after one day earlier this week when Julie, Angelina and I actually did go shopping together.

And how you just can select "flirt" without having to think about how to flirt.

And how now I feel like I'm fulfilling the Mo Sim's life instead of my own -- like my hygiene and bladder bars are doing great right now, as well as fun and social. I'm not sure if I will fulfil any of my goals, but my thought bubble is totally about Ryan, just like in the game, for I'm about to watch the OC.

[Even though I'm a Seth girl].

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