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Friday, March 31, 2006


It's been forever, and it may be another forever. Reasons:

1) totally addicted to facebook
2) tech week next week, must make CD for ridey and do sound/lightsish stuff
3) i feel dizzy
4) lots of work and decisions to make

So basically all my college decisions are in. Except Pomona, but too bad. The options on the table are down to 5 (since michigan gives me no money):


Pretty sweet options, no? Screw those other ivies, who needs those jerks. Except, congrats to Colette for making the Brown cut!!

I was invited to an "admitted students lunch" sometime next week, for Caltech, by an alum in town. My question: who else in town got into Caltech??? Who even APPLIES to Caltech? Weirdos???? This should be really interesting, and maybe they'll take that opportunity to slip me about $100,000, which would help with the whole money ish.

Yeah, I have been looking a lot at the Caltech people on Facebook.

And yeah, I am still addicted to CC. Even more so.

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