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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

...ABAB rhyme scheme...

I just have to say right now, that college is like love.

I got into 7 schools. Now, I can't even imagine a situation in which I could possibly have 7 different boys to choose from, but they each have a slightly different personality.

Cornell: Our first date is this Friday and Saturday -- I'll finally get to meet him and spend a little time, but I've heard he can be a little cold. Only problem: my parents konw him, and don't like him. But they will give their blessing if I really fall for him.

WashU: Still haven't met him, but he sends me letters and emails ALL the time -- it's a little overwhelming, but I've heard he flirts with everyone this way. Not too far from home, and a little more affordable than some other guys. Also, seems to be really straightforward, not playing any games.

Northwestern: I've met him before, but I'm not sure how well I got to know him that time around. He doesn't seem like he'd be too caring in a relationship, plus a little more preppy than I would like. I've also heard some bad rumors.

Caltech: I have a crush on Caltech. Although he said yes to a date, he's totally unwilling to pay even halfway, so I'm gonna have to pay for about 75% on our date -- totally jerkish behavior. This might be evidence that he might not treat me too well later on. Really really smart, but maybe a little too intense for a long-term relationship.

Pomona: Don't know at all -- asked out on a whim, but going to go through with a first date. Totally willing to go dutch on the date and pay half, and seems to have a bunch of really nice friends to hang out with. Feel like I don't deserve the affection though, with such little planning involved in asking him out.

Michigan: Kind of flakey, seemed nice at first, but won't call back, is totally disorganized, and he was going to leave me with the entire bill. But now he's just bought me a really nice gift. I still think I'm going to say no.

UIUC: The best friend. I've known him forever, my parents like him, and it seems almost like we should just date out of convenience. He's totally into me too, always pampering me, calling me up, making sure I'm comfy. The more I think about it, the more I like him, but at the same time I want to leave behind my childhood.

And it just almost never works out that the one you like likes you too!

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