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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

...Jenny was a friend of mine (Commentary on Cornell)...

My date with Cornell is over. And, since I am currently at home sick (well, kinda) post a night of extremely unpleasant puking, I will use this oppurtunity to write about it before it's too late.

Kangway and I left Friday morning bright and early, got to Ithaca around 2pm, and called up Dan. We chilled in his dorm room for a bit, and then he gave us a rainy tour of campus. I just have to say that the campus is INSANE. Insanely good, I mean. Hills, gorges, towers, more hills, quads galore... thought I wouldn't be a sucker for this middle-of-nowhere-classically-beautiful campus, but totally wrong!

After Dan's tour of campus, we came back to his dorm room (luckily his roomate was not there), lots of TV (Family Guy, Futurama) and I worked to no avail on math (10.5 still makes no sense to me). Eventually I got sick of that, so I went to explore the library, because clearly, libraries rock. Don't deny it. We ate dinner in collegetown at a classy Japanese restaurant (little did they know we actually know Japanese... it's like having a secret!)

On the walk back to the dorm, there were these crazy batman-esque searchlights coming up from somewhere in the distance. Like moths to a flame, we tried to follow it, but found ourselves continually seeing that it is really quite far away. And a gorge was in the way. Gave up, decided it was coming from a frat party, and then watched more TV.

Lesson 1: In college, if you want to watch a lot of tv, you can.

The next morning, Kangway apparently ran up the most gigantic hill on campus, while I was asleep. Then it was time to shower (read: time to find the all female bathroom, which is infinitely cleaner than the unisex one), except that I didn't bring any soap or shampoo. Oops. So I ended up borrowing shampoo to use as soap. Which turned out ok I suppose... but still obnoxious.


I went to a dorm tour, but ended up not touring, and just seeing the info part, and then going to lunch with dan, kw, and kw's cousin. He told kw to go to Berkeley, and for some reason really wanted me to go to Michigan. This drives me INSANE. I am trying to CROSS OFF schools from my list, not bring them back. Right. So then we saw his apartment, some waterfalls, a giant skeleton of a whale (since when do whales have skeletons?), Bubble tea house numero uno, which was about 1/10th the size of Evo but about 10x more crowded, and bought our cornell gear. By then it was 4:20 and I had to be somewhere far away at 4:30 to check in with the official Cornell Days ish... so that was fun.

Lesson 3: Bubble tea is popular, and it takes a long time to walk anywhere.

Spent time with the freshman and other prefrosh who they matched me up with, who were some girls who had all been friends in high school but didn't have any horror stories from rooming together. Walked around the entire campus, for the 3rd or 4th time, and ate dinner with them (+dan+kw) and discussed what kind of animals we would kill and eat if it was necessary to our survival.

Made a giant L-shaped cookie because it was this guy, Lucas's birthday, discussed important topics with Cornell girls, such as chick flicks (read: Colin Firth), and considered the possibility of starting a Cornell Dumb Club chapter, after finding out that one of the girls, Jenny (was a friend of mine), had the previous week, been playing cards and asked, "wait, do the 3's have to be in the same suit?" Met a guy who slept in a box all of first semester, affectionately called "Box", who was a chick flick enthusiast (or maybe just really excited about watching the notebook). Discovered exciting chairs with spinning tables. Ate almost a whole bag of popcorn. Went to bed pretty early.

Most nerdy cornell experience: while watching the Notebook, there is a scene in which Rachel McAdams and... that guy, are in a boat in a lake full of an utterly ridiculously amount of ducks. The Box guy says "Wow look at all those ducks... the logistic equation is going to kick their asses!"

Despite that significant mathematical experience, I still don't understand 10.5

Eventually made it back to our hometown, despite being picked up late, having plane delays, falling asleep while doing the math review on the plane... yada yada.

Too bad my parents hate it. Seems like a good place.

1 college visit down, 3 to go.

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