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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

...really bogus...

Okay, update on Washu later... first, I must comment on Day of Silence which is tomorrow (I keep forgetting)...

What is up with this bogus email that Sue sent out, threatening us to stick it out and take the consequences? Sure, someone who signs up for DOS should ideally make an effort to NOT TALK, but what's up with fascist dictation of what DOS means to the administration? Lots of people answer questions when called upon in class, which apparently offends the administration, but I think it's a valid interpretation either way. As is the whole writing on paper thing. IF you write everything you were going to say in a day down on paper, you 1) weren't going to say very much in the first place, and 2) are still somewhat incapacitated, because it is a bit more difficult to convey things that way. Still valid, IMO.

"Please also remember that selective protest--in the classroom but not in the hall is not in the spirit of the day."

So now the "spirit" of our protest is defined by someone else? What is this?

mo posted at 4:55 PM.