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Sunday, June 11, 2006

...I had a clever title but I've forgotten it...

A week of fun in the sun on Florida beaches, and two lovely 20 hour car trip marathons.
Watching MTV with relatives.
Gameboy addicted cousins.
Never being hungry.
Taking a million showers to wash the chlorine, salt, and sun out.
A piratey shirt bought.
Walgreens that close at 10 pm (what the fuck?!).
Proving to my relatives, through that OG picture from senior supper, that I am in fact not tall (though they still think I am), and being reprimanded for my purple shoes in said picture.
One of my cousins thinking that my family is sooo much fun, while another thinks that we are totally boring. My brother figures this cousin has realistically compared our family to the gameboy, and the gameboy comes out ahead.
Missing all my good music, especially Sufjan. Especially when discussing his music.
Getting the biggest tan I have had in several years. I am at least half a shade darker. Unintentional, and a little creepy, but with me, pastiness always prevails.
Staying in a really sketchy and rednecky hotel somewhere in Tennessee last night, where our car was the only one in the parking lot that was not a red 4x4.

But now I am home and I get AIM messages like this:
if marquis == 'hungry'; dumplings > mo

it feels good to be back.

mo posted at 6:25 PM.