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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

...I'm addicted to you but you know that you're toxic...

Last night at Coldstone, there was this group of like 50 girls, all blonde and highlighted, exiting. Not hard to spot the solitary, cynical looking one with a Jew-fro in all that. Later on, the same group of girls walked past the Union, post-shopping (all with bags). Who were these mysterious girls? Why were they so well groomed? The world may never know.

He said "If they don't have coconut ice cream, I'm going to punch them in the face. Every one of them." That's what I've been missing around here. Some good old ANGER at inconsequential things like ice cream flavors.

But I did see my first real live breakdancing.

And someone was talking on a cell phone, and he said, "Yeah, I feel weird talking to parents in English," clearly a bilingual dude, but still sounds funny just the same. Parents = no English. And, the song that has been stuck in my head all day is now on the radio. I win, I win.

Sometimes, you have to look sorta normal.

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