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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 times...

Surprisingly, I am not significantly less busy now. I am just doing things that aren't as stressful. Also, i have finished very few things on my to do list. But no matter. It's off to try out some more java now. I refuse to get behind.

Les Mis has been pretty great so far -- it's toughening up my hands at least. Also, it's nice to make fun of what must be happening in the show... seeing as I have never even successfully looked at the stage, nor know the show, nor can hear the singers... when Dave the Day Saver, as we call him, says "Jump off the barricade!! What did you think it would be made of, sytrofoam!?" it's especially entertaining.

Tata. See the show people.

mo posted at 10:48 AM.