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Sunday, July 23, 2006

...suppose I kept on singing love songs...

As everyone knows, Ms. Linder is getting married in September. Sadly, this will be just one month too late to have the well known and loved Pynk Pyritz to be the feature artists at her wedding. August would have been a perfectly lovely month to be married in! Honestly! Since Angelina and I will be off galavanting in exciting cities (possibly asian countries too, I don't know about her travel schedule), Claire is the only remaining Pyrit. However, the trio must go on, and in fact, my cello will be playing at her wedding. Just not by me. Claire, Angelina's brother (Alan!), and Ms. Linder's brother will be the Pynk Pyritz cover band. And my cello will come to the rescue, since he has the same dilemma I do about flying with cellos (buying an extra plane ticket, not so fun). This should be super cool, for the following reasons:

-Ms. Linder's brother is a professional cellist
-he took from my cello teacher some years ago
-he will now be stuck walking around with a cello with my bumper sticker on it (see left)

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